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FREE Vengeance Map Pack for Black Ops II Download DLC [XBOX/PS3/PC]

Black Ops 2 Vengeance
Nothing's better than the thought of vengeance. Call of Duty: Black Ops II's new DLC map pack entitled VENGEANCE is now available for purchase through Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. But why would you want to spend money on something that you can get for FREE! You heard it, FREE! Scroll down below to get your map pack NOW!!! The Map Pack is extremely easy and the best part is, all you have to do is download it, put it on a USB drive, and the work will be done on it's own.


Instructions for Xbox/PS3
Step 1) Download the Map Pack by clicking on the Download Button below for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360

Step 2) Plug a USB drive to your laptop/desktop and transfer the Map Pack into your USB.

Step 3) Plug the USB drive with the Map Pack into your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360

Step 4) Run Call of Duty: Black Ops II and the maps will be inputted into your account by itself, no work is required.

Download Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack for Xbox 360
File: Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack X360

Download Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack for PlayStation 3
File: Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack PS3

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Instructions for PC
Step 1) Download the Map Pack below by clicking on the Download Button below for PC

Step 2) Drag the folder into this directory of your Steam: SteamAccountName\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\Maps

Step 3) You are done!

Download Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack for PC
File: Black Ops II Vengeance Map Pack PC

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Thank you for downloading and enjoy your new map pack!

VENGEANCE the latest ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′ map pack

The Maps
Black Ops 2 CoveCove deposits players on the sandy, golden beaches of a deserted tropical island. The roughly circular arena-style map is dotted with giant boulders that serve to create a series of twisting paths into a central killzone that is divided into two halves by the smoking ruins of a crashed plane’s fuselage. A ground-level cave system along with strategically placed rocks and various plane wreckage offers plenty of cover for those who prefer to skip the central area and skirt around the fringes of the map. Take note, however: instant death waits for those that step into water that rises above your head. There’s a safe path around the perimeter of the island, but you’ve got to watch where you step.
The cockpit provides an elevated vantage point from which to observe and snipe at enemies coming from the opposing spawn. Directly across from the shattered cockpit window is another elevated vantage point, situated at the mouth of a cave, offering a similar recon advantage. Both locations can be flanked, but both can also be assaulted from the front by vaulting onto the rock formations in front of them.
SMGs once again will be dominant here, but there are plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in an pick people off with silenced weapon. Keep an eye out for equipment like claymores and bouncing betties that could make the outer rim and the pathways through the center death traps. Your two real choices are to camp, or be extremely aggressive. Moving hesitantly will cost you. 

Black Ops 2 DetourDetour is a long, symmetrically oriented map set on a crumbling, war-ravaged bridge. Wrecked vehicles and thick construction barriers dot the upper central portion of the map and support catwalks on the east and west sides offer flanking routes below. The map is relatively straightforward, with similar cover and flanking opportunities accessible from each spawn working to create a balanced playing field for the opposing sides. The only hitch is a pair of gaping holes in the central portion of the bridge; fall through one of these, and it’s instant death.
It’s very easy to become entrenched on Detour. A communicative team will have one or two snipers in the central bunker-like structure providing above-ground overwatch while the rest of the team splits off and covers the flanking routes at either side of the map. Rooting out a deeply entrenched team requires similar levels of coordination, since you’ll want to have part of the team keeping enemy attention on the central bridge while a smaller, faster-moving force takes advantage of the catwalks. Note too that the pipes running along the extreme outside fringe of the bridge function as platforms, providing a more heavily covered, if treacherous, alternative. That also makes them ripe for traps. 
Assault rifles can work here, but the map is small, and with the exception of the central areas that snipers can control, the rest of the map is a good shotgun or SMG arena. 

Black Ops 2 RushRush turns an abandoned indoor/outdoor paintball facility into a roughly rectangular battleground with a variety of routes and vantage points designed to suit every type of player. Shotgun and SMG artists will want to stick to either side of the map. The indoor paintball course is the preferred route, thanks to its multiple points of entry/exit and abundance of brightly colored cover. Two elevated rooms, accessible via ramp, run along the opposite side of the map, though the long, relatively cover-free and camper-friendly hallway that connects them can be a very dangerous place to step into. 
The central, open-air route comes with some perfect sniper opportunities, both elevated and ground-level. Snipers also have an advantage in the parking lot spawn area, with the abandoned white van in the back corner offering perfect cover to watch the ramp, the central approach, and the office leading to the indoor paintball course. There’s a definite advantage for teams that start in the parking lot spawn. The trick with Rush, more than many other Call of Duty maps, is to learn the various routes. This is a complex and very open map with a lot of different access points, making it easy to suddenly find yourself being flanked from directions you wouldn’t have expected.
If you are running a close quarters loadout, lightweight is a good bet, especially if you spawn in the course instead of the parking lot. Making a quick break up the elevated left side can give you the jump on enemies, and with a few teammates helping you, you can control the entire outside section of the map. 

Black Ops 2 UplinkUplink is a carbon-copy of Summit from Black Ops, in much the same way that the previous Uprising map pack’s Studio was a carbon-copy of Firing Range. Your fighting still rages across a mountaintop, but the snowy landscape of Summit is replaced now with the greenery of a Malaysian jungle. Cosmetic shift aside, the layout is otherwise exactly the same. Much of the fighting tends to center around the large, open control facility in the middle of the map. The second-floor hallway offers great vantage points for snipers, though an abundance of flanking routes prevent the roost from being a sure thing. 

This is a map that favors mid-range attackers the most, though long-barrel-fitted SMGs can be fairly effective if your reflexes are quick and your accuracy is spot-on. There’s a few long-sightline locations that favor snipers, particular the rocky path that runs below the outside of the control room, but you’ll want to back up your scoped weapon with something a little less long-range.